Self Host your own HNS Proxy

Step 1. VM

Get a Linux VM (I prefer Ubuntu 22.04 LTS)
A free tier VM is probably powerful enough for this.
If you can't get a free tier, I like Linode as it only costs ~$5/month (select the cheapest Shared VM).
(You can probably get a $100 month credit from
Remote into the VM if you need help with this either Google it or ask in any Handshake Discord

Step 2.

Install required software
This is super easy just run the below two commands
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y git autotools-dev libtool unbound

Step 3.

Download, build and run HNSD (Handshake resolver software)

git clone
cd hnsd
./ && ./configure && make
screen -dmS HNSD ./hnsd -p 4 -r

Step 4.

Download, build and run LetsDane (required to get HTTPS for HNS)

git clone
cd letsdane/cmd/letsdane
go build -tags unbound
screen -dmS dane ./letsdane -r -skip-dnssec -skip-icann